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2023 Class Enrollment

2023 Class Registration

The enrollment for all new classes begins right now. Please feel free to pre-register your classes over the phone or come to our campus to enroll in person.

In order to enroll, please bring 2 pictures, copy of ID and Social Security, and $25 State Board application fee.

580 W Arapaho Rd #298
Richardson, TX 75080
Office: (817) 903-1983

Year 2023

Open House - Free Consultation


We invite everyone who is interested in having a career in the cosmetology industry to come to our school and explore your potentials. We always have our counselors to guide you through all the process and what it takes to be successful in a very near future.

Please call for a Free Consultation about starting your career at PR Beauty College.

Office: (817) 903-1983

TODAY 2023

Final Exam Preparations

Days in advance

If you met all requirements to take the State Board Final Exam then we invite you to come to school everyday prior to the final exams.

TODAY 2023

Start Your Career

Our Teachers Behind The Chalk Board

Meet our amazing and most dedicated teachers of PR Beauty College. We believe in our teachers to make a difference in your life.

Teachers of the Month


  • Richard Tran


  • Alma Hernandez


  • Tiffany Vo

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580 W Arapaho #298
Richardson, TX 75080

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